The Netherlands

EuroMIC & Marine Corrosion Symposium

This meeting will bring together EURO-MIC participants and sympathizers as well as academical and industrial partners to exchange experiences, ideas and update information on the development of the COST action.

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Den Helder | 18.04.2024 - 19.04.2024

Den Helder, a fortified city by the sea with an indelible and undisputed (maritime) history and tradition. Pure, tough, robust, maybe even a tad raw. That is Den Helder. As the Gibraltar of the North, the city offers access to a wide variety of hidden treasures that will surprise you.

But Den Helder is also the right place for recreation, relaxation and enjoying nature, the cultural historical heritage and the lovely restaurants and hotels. For example, you can visit the various museums such as the Dutch Navy museum, National Lifeboat museum or one of the Forts which are used nowadays for different purpose such as a museum or a brewery.

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